Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Fuzzy Memories Archives

Who doesn't like a story from the good ol' days. All of these stories happened over 3 years ago and as you can imagine, some of the facts may be a little fuzzy...but doesn't that just make the story better?

Golf Cart - A Story about three guys, a golf cart, and a lot of destruction
$100,000 Baby - The story of my chance at halftime glory
Train Wreck - Come and ride that train
Panama Shitty - Nothing worse than a rainy Spring Break with your girlfriend
Chinese Food - Sometimes you need the help of the grenade
Real China Buffet - All-You-Can-Eat Chinese Food...what else need be said
Jerk Store - Some people will say anything
Booze Cruise - Cancun '99's finest moment
Germaniac - Some things just aren't made in the USA
Drinking Piss - Why is it always funny when someone swigs pee?
You Did What??!! - More golf cart, less brains


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